The Birth of a Eurasian Century

By Pepe Escobar the roving correspondent for the Asia Times.

The article is from the Huffington Post

HONG KONG -- A specter is haunting Washington, an unnerving vision of a Sino-Russian alliance wedded to an expansive symbiosis of trade and commerce across much of the Eurasian land mass -- at the expense of the United States.

Serbia recalls ambassadors to Switzerland and India

BELGRADE - Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has issued a decree recalling Milan St. Protic as Serbia’s ambassador to the Swiss Confederation.

Jovan Mirilovic was recalled as ambassador to the Republic of India, according to the latest issue of the Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia.

Photo Tanjug, S. Radovanovic (archive)

Albanians Row Over Oil Imports from Iran

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha on Thursday called for a parliamentary inquiry into claims that the centre-left government of Premier Edi Rama has imported oil from Teheran, breaking the UN-imposed embargo.

“The government has breached the embargo by allowing imports of oil from Iran, a grave national and international act,” Berisha said during Thursday's parliamentary session.