Romania updates list of countries in COVID-19 red, yellow, green areas

Romania's National Committee for Emergency Situations (CNSU) updated on Friday its list of countries or areas with high COVID-19 epidemiological risk. "The classification of the countries/areas by the cumulative rate of COVID-19 cases in order to sort the persons arriving in Romania accordingly and subject them to quarantine is hereby approved," reads CNSU Decision 39.

Italian director on world tour explores Istanbul

An Italian director who has traveled to 35 countries and made short films and documentaries is currently in Istanbul to tell the story of the "Queen of Cities." 

Franco Dubini arrived in the Turkish metropolis two weeks ago and is attempting to explore the streets of the historic city to make comprehensive documentaries on Turkish culture.

Singapore Is New Sanctuary for World's Wealthiest Men

Singapore has long been a draw for wealthy Chinese, Indonesians and Malaysians who would come for short trips to shop, play  at the casino or get medical check-ups at world-class clinics. Mount Elizabeth Hospital Orchard, just steps from the flagship stores of Gucci and Rolex, features a UOB Privilege Banking Centre in the lobby.

Sinovac provides license to Turkey to produce its vaccines

Sinovac, the Chinese producer of a COVID-19 vaccine, has provided a license to Turkey to manufacturing the jabs.

The company's CEO Yin Weidong said Turkey was among five countries given a production license for the vaccine, along with Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, and Egypt, according to Bloomberg.

Study: Alcohol, Sexist Attitudes Combine to increase Male Violence towards Women

In a study of men in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), heavy drinking males were more likely to commit violence against their wives and girlfriends (intimate partner violence, or IPV) if they held sexist rather than egalitarian attitudes about women.