Google marks 15 years of Street View

Google celebrated on May 24 15 years since it kicked off its mammoth and hugely controversial effort to photograph streets in minute detail across the globe.

The panoramic images of Google Street View have slipped into daily life for millions but during its early years, it attracted countless court cases and howls of anguish from privacy campaigners.

World food prices fall slightly in April

World food prices fell slightly last month after hitting a record in March but remain high due to the Ukraine war, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization said on May 6.

International sanctions against Russia as well as export flow disruptions resulting from the February 24 invasion have sparked fears of a global hunger crisis.

Day 66 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Russia Pays Debt in Dollars, Journalist Killed, Cyberattacks in Romania

Russia paid its debt in dollars, but returned payments in euros to Australia and Germany, Russian cyberattacks in Romania. Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

Moscow admitted that it attacked Kyiv while Guterres was there

UN: Wildfires getting worse globally, governments unprepared

A warming planet and changes to land use patterns mean more wildfires will scorch large parts of the globe in coming decades, causing spikes in unhealthy smoke pollution and other problems that governments are ill prepared to confront, according to a U.N. report being released Wednesday.