Additional seat for Slovenia in EU Parliament

Slovenia will get an additional seat in the European Parliament under a proposal adopted by the parliament on 15 June. The new distribution must now be okayed by the heads of state.

The proposal would award two seats to Spain and the Netherlands, and one to Slovenia, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Ireland and Latvia.

Slovenia would thus have nine seats.

Greece’s current account deficit in the red

In the first major financial crisis of the 21st century which erupted in 2007-2008, and whose tsunami reached Europe's shores in 2010, five European countries failed to avoid bailouts: Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Cyprus and, in part, Spain. Of these, only one, Greece, had twin deficits - in its current account and its budget.

Loreen makes history as Sweden claims seventh Eurovision victory

Sweden won the Eurovision Song Contest early Sunday, as singer Loreen beat out 25 competitors in the finale of the world's biggest live music event, hosted by Britain on behalf of war-torn Ukraine.

A previous victor in 2012, Loreen is the first woman to win the eccentric, much-loved competition twice and only the second person to do so after Johnny Logan for Ireland in the 1980s.