National Assembly codifies same-sex marriage, adoption

Ljubljana – The National Assembly signed same-sex marriage and adoptions into law by passing changes to the family code by 48 votes in favour and 29 against on Tuesday, capping decades of efforts by LGBT+ groups and activists to end discrimination and be recognised as equal members of society.

Bulgarians Leave the Family Home at the Oldest Age - Top 5 in EU

Bulgaria is one of the countries in the EU where young people leave the family nest at the oldest age (30.3 years). This is indicated by current Eurostat data. Bulgaria also has one of the biggest differences between the sexes after Romania (a difference of 3.5 years), with men leaving their parents at 32.0 years and women at 28.5 years.

42 Countries have given Permission for Bulgarians to Vote on their Territory

Bulgaria's diplomatic missions abroad have already requested permission or notified 128 countries with which our country has diplomatic relations and has an accredited ambassador. To date, out of 61 countries in which the Central Election Commission (CEC) has designated polling places, Bulgaria has received permission from 42.

Which are the Most Popular but Expensive Destinations to Study Abroad

What else more than studying abroad can shape and mold students into well-rounded individuals who understand people from different cultural backgrounds and embrace people's perfections alongside their flaws? Experiencing new places and gaining a fresh perspective of the world while earning credits towards their degree is a dream for most students.