US-Greece strategic dialogue covers all levels of bilateral, regional, international cooperation

Though public attention over the last days in Athens focused on yesterday's signing of the bilateral, revised US-Greece Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement (MDCA), which is as US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken stated the "bedrock" of the two countries' defence cooperation, less attention was paid to the importance of the latest round of the US-Greece Strategic Dialogue that was held in Was

General Mutafchiiski with Special Award from Jewish Community in Bulgaria

Head of the Military Medical Academy (MMA) Major General Prof. Dr. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski, MD, was awarded by the Jewish community in Bulgaria for his contribution to the fight against COVID-19 and in recognition of the care for the victims of the  terroriatattack in Sarafovo in 2012.

Turkey escalates EastMed tensions, sending three warships into Cyprus’ EEZ

Ankara is flexing its military muscle in Cyprus' Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) in an apparent effort to torpedo efforts to proceed with the construction of the EastMed pipeline by imposing its own maps and pushing its expansionist theory of the "Blue Motherland" at sea.

Pfizer jab prevents severe COVID for at least 6 months: Study

Vaccination with two doses of the Pfizer jab stays highly effective against severe COVID - including the Delta variant - for at least six months, an analysis of U.S. patients said on Oct. 4.

While previous data from clinical trials have shown jabs protect against hospitalization, the study published in the Lancet measures one vaccine's effectiveness over time in a real-world setting.