North Korea fires suspected short-range missiles, S Korea says

North Korea fired two projectiles that appeared to be short-range ballistic missiles into the sea off the east coast of the Korean peninsula, South Korea's military said on March 21, after what analysts said was a show of confidence during the coronavirus epidemic by announcing an April legislature session.

Asia is Threatened by a Second Wave of COVID-19

Asian countries face a second wave of COVID-19, this time imported from outside, the BBC warns.

South Korea, China and Singapore are among Asian countries facing a second wave of a coronavirus epidemic brought from outside.

China, where the virus first appeared, confirmed that no new cases had been reported for the first time since the outbreak.

COVID-19 has already Killed over 7,000 People in the World, Spain and France in the Top 5 in the Black Chart

More than 182 260 people are infected with the new coronavirus worldwide. The deaths are 7165. In addition to China, there are 161 cases worldwide. More than 79,000 people have been cured so far, most of them in China, according to Reuters and the Associated Press.

Tokyo Games an opportunity for even stronger Greece-Japan ties

This coming July, Japan will host the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo. To mark the commencement of this outstanding event, the Olympic Flame was lit on March 12 in Ancient Olympia and the handover ceremony will be held at the Panathenaic Stadium on March 19 in Athens. Over the following four months, the Flame will travel across Japan via the Torch Relay route.

Death penalty ordered for mass killing at care home in Japan

A Japanese court on March 16 sentenced a former care home employee to hang for knifing to death 19 disabled people and injuring others four years ago in the deadliest mass attack in postwar Japan.

The Yokohama District Court convicted Satoshi Uematsu for the killings and for injuring 24 other residents and two caregivers at the Yamayuri-en residential buildings in July 2016.

Can the Chinese breathe a sigh of relief? Xinhua reports: Its Covid 19 "peak" is over

It is alleged that the news, under the label "urgent", was published by the state-run Chinese agency Xinhua.
More than 126.000 people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide, while 4.624 have died. Cuba, Honduras and Ivory Coast have reported the first cases of infected, with Bulgaria, Ireland, Sweden and Indonesia and Greece reported the first victims.