Village woman shares success story at int’l symposium

A woman who made her village famous countrywide with special tomato paste and tarhana soup in the northwestern province of Bursa has been invited to international symposiums in Kazakhstan to share her experiences with young female entrepreneurs.

"A woman can succeed in anything she wants," Sermin Cakalıoğlu said in her speeches to Kazakh women in five meetings in three cities.

Africans on Hakkari women’s team ‘happy’ to be in Turkey

Two Africans, who were transferred to the eastern province of Hakkari's women's football club playing in the Turkcell Women 1st League, have said they are happy to be living in the border city.

"I love Hakkari and its people. They are so hospitable," 24-year-old Kenyan midfielder Mwanalima Adam Jereko told state-run Anadolu Agency.

Turkish contractors assume projects worth $20 billion this year

Turkish companies have assumed 196 building projects abroad, which have a total volume of $20.3 billion in the first 10 months of this year, according to a business association.

Thus, the Turkish construction sector has achieved its target for the whole of 2021 two months earlier, the Turkish Contractors Association (TCA) said in a statement on Nov. 2.

Kyrgyzstan orders Turkey’s Bayraktar TB2 drones

Kyrgyzstan's president said on Oct. 23 that his country will purchase unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) from both Turkey and Russia.

"We're not buying drones to go to war with someone. We will buy drones to ensure the country's security," Sadyr Japarov said in his first annual press conference in the capital Bishkek, after assuming the post at the beginning of 2021.