"I would hate to see someone else in my situation," Len Homeniuk tells Globe and Mail

Leonard Homeniuk, the dual U.S./Canadian citizen facing a court hearing in Bulgaria on his possible extradition to Kyrgyzstan, says that once his current predicament is over, he and his wife plan to work with London-based Fair Trials or other NGOs to try and reform Interpol, The Globe and Mail has reported.

Bulgarian Court Grants Bail to Former Centerra CEO Homeniuk  

A Bulgarian court on Wednesday granted bail to the former CEO of Toronto-based Centerra Gold Leonard Homeniuk, who has been under house arrest in Bulgaria for about two months.  

The move came two days after the Vidin Regional Court postponed to October 7 a hearing on a request for Homeniuk's extradition to Kyrgyzstan submitted by the Kyrgyz authorities.

Bulgarian Court Leaves Len Homeniuk Under House Arrest, Extradition Hearing Set for Sept 16

Sofia Appeals Court has decided that Leonard Homeniuk, a dual Canadian and United States citizen detained in Bulgaria, should remain under house arrest while awaiting a court hearing on an extradition request submitted by the Kyrgyz authorities.

Expenses of Bulgarian MPs on Business Trips Amount to BGN 470 000

Bulgarian MPs spent nearly BGN 470 000 on business trips abroad since they have assumed office ten months ago.

The MP with most business trips abroad was the former Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin, who traveled 18 times abroad in this period, his expenses amounting to more than BGN 9700, private bTV station informs.