30 Migrants Suffocate to Death on Mediterranean Boat

Around 30 migrants have been found dead on a boat in the Mediterranean Sea, between Sicily and the North African coast.

The fishing boat had been overcrowded, with some 600 people on board. The cause of the deaths is most likely asphyxiation from being crammed into a compartment below the decks, the BBC revealed.

First group of Turks threatened by Libyan general returns to Turkey

The first group of Turkish nationals who were evacuated from Libya returned to Turkey on June 24 after they were threatened with arrest on spying claims.

Some 248 Turkish citizens, working for the construction company GAMA in the central coast city of Sirte, have returned to Turkey with a Turkish Airlines (THY) flight from Misrata in northwest Libya.

Turks leave Libya as consul general calls on Libyan government for responsibility

Some 250 Turkish citizens are leaving Libya, after a call from a renegade Libyan general to Turks and Qataris to leave the country’s east within two days or suffer a backlash from the public.

Most Turkish nationals have left the country since the Foreign Ministry issued its own warning, Anadolu Agency quoted Turkey’s Benghazi Council General Ali Sait Akın as saying on June 23.