The Nurse Nasya Nenova Wins Case Against her Torturers to Libya

Twelve years after the so-called HIV trial in Libya, nurse Nasya Nenova won a case against 9 Libyan investigating officers, NOVA said.
The General Secretariat of the Jamaican Ministry of Libya must give 500 000 leva compensation to Nasya Nenova and 26 617 leva additional property compensation.

Bulgarian Coastguard Police Uses Force to Seize Libyan Vessel Badr, Evicts Crew

The Bulgarian coastguard police has used force to evacuate the Libyan crew on the Libyan vessel Badr that is docked in a Bulgarian port, a joint statement by the National Company of Sea Transport and Ports Authority revealed Saturday, reports Libya Observer. 

Syrian freighter drug haul worth more than 100 mln euros

Greece has seized drugs worth more than 100 million euros ($113 million) after intercepting a Syrian ship sailing for Libya, the coast guard said on Friday.

Officials found about six tonnes of processed cannabis and 3 million super-strength "Captagon" amphetamine pills hidden aboard the Syrian-flagged "Noka", it said in a statement.

Two Bulgarians Arrested in Italy, They Carried a 11 Tonnes of Hashish with a Yacht

Italian police found 11 tons of hashish on a 19-meter yacht sailing under a Dutch flag off the coast of Sicily.

Two people, Bulgarians, were on the yacht and are arrested, the Italian agency ADJI and the electronic edition of the Republic newspaper reported.

More than 42,000 applied for asylum in Greece last year

More than 42,000 refugees sought asylum in Greece last year, according to the European Observation Network for Territorial Development and Cohesion, ESPON, whose statistics showed that a total of 204,718 refugees arrived in the European Union in 2017.

According to the network, 42,305 refugees applied for asylum in Greece after crossing from Turkey in 2017.