From Today, the EU Has Used Up Nature’s Resources the Planet Can Renew For a Year

From today, the European Union will live on credit because it has used up all  the natural resources the planet can renew for a year.

This is the report of a non-governmental organization. The EU has 7% of the world's population, and it consumes 20% of the Earth's bio-capability. leaders welcomed with flags and cheers in Sibiu; they toured downtown Sibiu

The European Union leaders who came to the informal Summit were welcomed with flags and cheers in the Great Square of Sibiu and after they had the family photograph taken on a podium covered with a giant carpet depicting the EU flag, the Brussels leaders and the heads of state of the community bloc headed toward the crowd who chanted "Europe!." In the first part of the ceremony held on Thursday

Frans Timmermans Calls For a European Minimum Wage

This can reduce the growing polarization between the rich and the rest, he thinks, quoted by NOVA TV. 

Frans Timmermans, the Socialist candidate for the European Commission's presidency, defended the idea of ​​introducing a minimum wage in Warsaw in all member states. This, in his words, can reduce the growing polarization between the rich and the rest.

Nicosia, Sofia, Riga and Bratislava are Candidates to Accept on Their territory the Headquarters of the European Labor Market Authority

Nicosia, Sofia, Riga and Bratislava have declared candidates for their territory to be the headquarters of the European Labor Market Authority, the Council of the EU announced, quoted by BTA. 
This structure will aim to support co-operation between national agencies in the fight against some abuses that are conducive to social dumping, AFP said.

PM Dancila tells meeting with EUROPALIA chairman 2019 can be considered Romania's year in Brussels

Romania's Prime Minister Viorica Dancila had a meeting at Victoria Palace on Monday with chairman of the EUROPALIA International Steering Committee Count Georges Jacobs de Hagen, saying that 2019 may be considered "the year of Romania in Brussels." According to a governmental press statement, the meeting took place as Romania is a special guest of the EUROPALIA International Festival, this year