EU Approves EUR 1 B Aid Package to Ukraine

The EU has officially approved an aid package of EUR 1 B for Ukraine in a bid to help the interim government deal with the deep financial problems of the country.

At a meeting of EU Foreign Ministers in Luxembourg, the customs duties on Ukrainian goods were lowered in a move expected to save the country around EUR 500 M a year.

UK, Poland, Sweden Propose EU Police Mission in Ukraine

Three EU member states proposed Thursday that the bloc deploy a police mission to Ukraine, according to unofficial Brussels sources.

The idea put forward by the UK, Poland and Sweden is aimed at providing assistance to Ukraine it re-building its own police structures, the EUObserver has reported, citing the EU sources.

EU Court Rules That ISPs May Have To Block Pirate Sites

European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ruled that EU countries can ask internet providers to block pirate sites with a court order. 

On Thursday the court's judges in Luxembourg ruled that Internet providers would be obliged to block illegal content online if the laws of one European member state dictate it.