Jean-Claude Juncker To Be Approved As Head of European Commission

The European Parliament is expected to approve on Tuesday the nomination of former Luxembourg PM Jean-Claude Juncker as president of the European Commission.

If backed by a majority of MEPs, he will succeed incumbent Jose Manuel Barroso of Portugal in November.

Last month,  Juncker won the backing of 26 out of 28 leaders of the EU.

U.S. wants to see "strong EU foreign policy chief"

U.S. wants to see "strong EU foreign policy chief"

After Catherine Ashton leaves office as EU's foreign policy chief, the United States would like to see "a strong personality" take over.

This is according to Michael Leigh, senior advisor to the German Marshall Fund (GMF) of the United States, whose analysis was published on the organization's website.

Jump in Asylum Requests From Serbia in 2013

Serbian media sources reported on Wednesday that 22,500 Serbian citizens applied for asylum in EU countries in 2013 a 17-per-cent increase on the figure for 2012.

Ivan Gerginov, Serbia’s assistant commissioner for refugees and migration, said the hike would not affect Serbia’s visa-free regime with the EU Schengen area.

Juncker: No new members of EU in next 5 years

STRASBOURG - Future president of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker has stated in the European Parliament that no Western Balkan country will become a member of the EU in the next 5 years.

Juncker told the members of the parliament from the group of liberal and progressive parties he saw no country of the region ready to join the EU in that time.

Turkish A400M carries military equipment in debut international flight

Atlas, a giant A400M carrier plane that the Turkish military acquired from manufacturers Airbus in May, has completed its first international flight, the army said in a written statement July 7.

Atlas carried the Solotürk team, a group of aerobatic display F-16 fighter jets, to London on July 2 and touched down in Luxembourg on its return, the statement read.