Two bids arrive for airline subsidies

The flag carriers of Luxembourg and Montenegro have applied for subsidies offered by the Slovenian government to improve the country's air connectivity in response to the first call.

Luxair and To Montenegro submitted their bids by the deadline that expired last week, the Infrastructure Ministry said on 8 May.

Voting ends in diplomatic missions abroad

Voting ends at the diplomatic missions abroad on May 9 for Türkiye's upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for May 14 at home, while citizens abroad can still cast votes at border gates.

Polling stations were closed in most European countries yesterday. However, voting will continue in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany and Luxembourg until late May 9.

High turnout prompts extra ballot boxes abroad

The number of expatriate votes cast in Türkiye's upcoming elections has reached nearly 1.2 million, prompting the government to set up additional ballot boxes abroad.

More than 3.4 million Turkish citizens living abroad are eligible to vote for the presidential and parliamentary elections scheduled for May 14 at home, around 277,000 of whom are first-time voters.

In 2022 the Population of Bulgaria Shrank by 34,774 People

30,181 fewer people died in Bulgaria in 2022 compared to 2021, when the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic was here. This is shown by the data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI). However, the total number of the population of Bulgaria decreased by 34,774 people in just one year and on December 31, 2022 it was 6,447 million. For every 1,000 men there are 1,080 women.