Greece Warns of Threat to North Macedonia's EU Path Over Name Dispute

The Greek Foreign Minister, Giorgos Gerapetritis, has warned that the Republic of North Macedonia's decision to use only "Macedonia" as its name jeopardizes its European integration prospects. Gerapetritis made these remarks ahead of the Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg today.

New North Macedonia PM describes country’s constitutional name as ‘shameful’

North Macedonia's new prime minister has described as "shameful" the inclusion of the designation "North" in the constitutional name of the country but said he was required to "capitulate" to its use as it was now part of the country's legal system.

North Macedonia’s new government to receive vote of confidence on Sunday

The new government of North Macedonia, led by the right-wing party VMRO-DPMNE, is expected to receive a vote of confidence on Sunday evening.

Following the vote, VMRO's leader Hristijan Mickoski will be sworn in as Prime Minister along with his government.

Mickoski is expected to win Sunday's vote easily, having secured the support of 78 lawmakers in the 120-seat house.

Athens ready to alert EU over Prespa Agreement violation

Despite the slight shift in the public discourse of North Macedonia's prime minister-in-waiting, Hristijan Mickoski, experienced diplomats view the "stealth war" strategy followed by the new leadership of the neighboring country as a violation of the "ergo omnes" term of the Prespa Agreement - that is, the use of the country's constitutional name both internally and externally. 

Tourism in the tunnels of war on Greece’s northern border

"In a straight line, Bulgaria is less than 500 meters from here," says Panagiotis Savvidis, moving his finger to make me see an imaginary line that reaches the neighboring country. The border region where we find ourselves, a few kilometers outside the village of Petritsi, in Central Macedonia, hides under the raging vegetation the signs of its long and rich military history.

Next North Macedonia PM refers to country as ‘Macedonia’ in parliament

North Macedonia's prime minister-in-waiting has referred to his county as "Macedonia" three times at the start of a two-day parliamentary debate leading up to a vote on his new government.

Hristijan Mickoski, a 46-year-old former engineering professor, has pledged to continue his center-left predecessors' efforts to shepherd the small Balkan NATO member into the European Union.

Seven PPC executives acquitted on appeal over 2017 lignite mine collapse

An appeals court in Western Macedonia on Thursday reversed a sentence imposed on seven former and current executives of state-run power utility PPC over a huge landslide at a lignite mine in the region of Kozani in 2017, which forced the evacuation of a nearby village.