Radio Free Europe on the 'Russian connection' in Kosovo recognition withdrawal

Those are the following countries: São Tom and Prncipe, Surinam, Guinea-Bissau, Burundi, Liberia, Papua New Guinea, Lesotho, Commonwealth Dominica, Grenada, Union of Comoros, the Solomon Islands, Madagascar and Palau for which the Ministry submitted to the Radio Free Europe (RFE) copies of diplomatic notes in which they inform the Ministry on their decision.

African Cultural Festival | Athens | June 8 & 9

The African embassies and honorary consulates of Algeria, Angola, Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Libya, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, Senegal, Seychelles, South Africa, Sudan, Tunisia, Zambia and Zimbabwe join forces for the 18th African Cultural Festival at the Galatsi Olympic Arena this weekend.

Pope Francis' mass in Sumuleu Ciuc draws pilgrims from Rwanda, Pakistan, Madagascar, Namibia, Reunion

Pilgrims from Rwanda, Pakistan, Madagascar, Namibia or Reunion have registered online to attend the Divine Liturgy Pope Francis will be celebrating in Sumuleu Ciuc on June 1, father Olah Zoltan from the Alba Iulia Roman Catholic Archdiocese announced on Wednesday.

Dacic responds to Pacolli: Serbia's only weapon is truth

Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic said this for Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti.

He thus reacted to the assertion of Kosovo Foreign Minister Behgjet Pacolli that he had "knowledge" of Belgrade "promising financial support and arms" to some smaller countries in return for revoking their recognition of Kosovo.

President: Haradinaj is right; US is behind everything

The president also said on Friday, after the opening of a new factory in the town of Kragujevac, that it was "not realistic for Serbia to change America's mind, which sees Kosovo's independence as a done deal," Beta agency is reporting.

He added that he "always said it that Albanians are doing nothing on their own, but that the US is behind everything."

Madagascar revokes recognition of Kosovo

"We have received a note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Madagascar, informing us that the decision was made on December 5," First Deputy PM and Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic told Tanjug on Friday.

Dacic pointed out that Madagascar is the 12th country to withdraw recognition of the unilaterally declared independence of Kosovo.

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