Malaysia Without Anwar

Does democracy in Malaysia really depend on Anwar Ibrahim? If it does, Malaysia's 30 million people are in trouble. Anwar is back in jail: at least five years' imprisonment, and another five years' ban from political activity after that. He says he doesn't care: "Whether it's five years or ten it doesn't matter to me anymore. They can give me twenty years. I don't give a damn."

Bosnia abandons sales of ammunition to Ukraine

Bosnia abandons sales of ammunition to Ukraine

BELGRADE -- Bosnia-Herzegovina on Wednesday "banned arms and ammunition exports to Ukraine," Reuters has reported.

The agency said this came "following pressure from Bosnian Serbs," while Bosnian authorities said the conflict in Ukraine "should be resolved by peaceful means."

Fifty Shades of Grey is banned in Malaysia

Much-awaited "50 Shades of Grey" film, scheduled to premiere in theaters on Valentine's day, has been banned in Malaysia, as it was characterized "more pornography than a movie."

According to the Daily Mail, the racy flick that is based on the best-selling erotica series by E.L. James has been deemed unacceptable for watching by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board (LFB).

Jerome Bocuse: Silver a fine prize for America at Bocuse d'Or

AGERPRES special correspondent Oana Ghita reports: Silver is a fine prize for Team USA at the Bocuse d'Or culinary contest, Jerome Bocuse - the president of the Sirha World Hospitality and Food Service and a founding member of Bocuse d'Or, alongside his father Paul Bocuse - told AGERPRES.


Dozens missing after Bangladesh boat sinks: police

An overloaded fishing boat carrying migrants to Malaysia sank in strong currents off the coast of Bangladesh on Jan 29 and 24 passengers are missing, police said.

Emergency workers rescued 32 Bangladeshis in the Bay of Bengal after the boat capsized some 2.5 kilometres (1.5 miles) offshore, but others are still unaccounted for, police said.

Norway's team wins Bocuse d'Or 2015

AGERPRES special correspondent Oana Ghita reports: Norway's team has won the gold prize of the prestigious Bocuse d'Or competition that took place on January 27 and 28 during the Sirha salon in Lyon, France.

Panel of judges at Bocuse d'Or tasting the competition dishes, January 27, Lyon
Photo credit: (c) Cristian NISTOR / AGERPRES PHOTO

Bocuse d'Or competing chefs' inspiration: 'Chicken or the egg' dilemma, goulash, origami

AGERPRES special correspondent Oana Ghita reports: On the second and final day of the prestigious Bocuse d'Or cooking competition, the jury who is to decide on the winner had to handle an explosion of fantasy: for their guinea fowl platter, Germany's team took inspiration from the ancestral dilemma "What came first - the egg or the chicken?", team Hungary featured in the finest gourmet competit