Sense and sensibility

AMSTERDAM - Joshua Coombes is as straightforward as he is charismatic. He raises his voice above the dance music blaring from the adjacent hall of De Hallen, a refurbished tram depot east of the city center.

Bulgarians Abroad have Sent Home More than BGN 4 Billion in 2018

Last year, Bulgarians, working and living abroad, sent back almost 2.4 billion dollars (2.13 billion euros) back to the country. This is equal to 3.8% of Bulgaria's GDP, and the amount is forecast and calculated on the basis of IMF data, official national statistics and the national bank. Outside of these money transfers there is a cash transfer, but their amount is not part of statistics.

Labor Migrants Around the World Have Transferred $ 529 billion to Their Relatives in 2018

$ 529 billion - migrant workers around the world have sent to their relatives over $ 529 billion in 2018. The information is from a World Bank report, and according to experts, the sum is a record high. Which countries have received the most funds you can find out in the next sentences. 

MD Elektronic Starts Building its Plant for BGN 22 Million in Vratsa

The construction of the plant of the German company MD Elektronic in Vratsa, where BGN 22 million should be invested and approximately 300 jobs opened, should start next week.

The first sod of the base will be made in the following Monday, the Municipality of Vratsa said, quoted by the regional news agency Media News.

Pope Francis Criticized the Policy of Building Walls to Keep Migrants Away

He also accused European governments of supplying weapons to the civil war in Yemen, reported NOVA TV. 

Pope Francis spoke in response to migration and President Donald Trump's border wall on Sunday, saying leaders who build walls and barriers to keep migrants out will "end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build."

Bulgarian IT Giant with Offices on 6 Continents Opens 200 New Jobs in Bulgaria

Software Group will open 200 new jobs in Bulgaria by 2021, the company said today. The company founded in Bulgaria operates on six continents and with over 150 clients in 70 countries. At present, the number of its employees exceeds 350. The expansion will be funded with the first EIB investment loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB) amounting to € 18 million.