London court rejects suspending arms exports to Israel

The London High Court rejected a petition to suspend British arms exports to Israel, the lawyers for the plaintiffs said on Tuesday.

A coalition of legal advocacy groups had asked the High Court in January to expedite a judicial review of the U.K. government's decision to keep selling military parts and arms to Israel.

Police bust international drug ring led by 'Turkish Escobar'

Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya has announced the detention of 42 suspects linked to notorious drug dealer Ürfi Çetinkaya, widely known as the "Turkish Escobar."

The operation, which spanned nine provinces, was a result of a two-year joint effort against the armed organized crime group, Yerlikaya said in an X post on Feb. 20.

Greek farmers take tractors to Athens to protest rising costs

Greek farmers were driving into Athens with tractors on Tuesday to protest outside parliament over the impact of rising energy costs, competition from abroad and recent flooding.

Their protest echoes grievances in other parts of Europe, including France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Italy, where farmers have staged similar demonstrations.