Türkiye ranks 53rd among countries with aging population


Türkiye has ranked 53rd in a global list of countries with an aging population, according to research by a platform supported by the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom.

With the significant decline in population growth rates in European countries, the proportion of young people in the total population has decreased over the last decade.

France will End its Military Presence in Niger and Bring Back its Ambassador

French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday announced that Paris will end its military presence in Niger by the end of 2023, CNN reported.

He also announced that he has decided to bring back the country's Ambassador to Niger, Sylvain Itte, to France

The development comes amid high tensions between the two nations since the military junta seized power in Niger in July.

'Foreign intervention' a reason behind military coups in Africa: Fidan

There are two main reasons behind military coup d'états in Africa, and one of them is the foreign intervention by imperialistic powers, a top Turkish diplomat has said, explaining that Türkiye will continue to implement its indigenous Africa opening based on cooperation and mutual interest.

Macron said the French Ambassador would Remain in Niger despite Pressure from the Junta to leave

France's ambassador to Niger will remain in the country despite pressure to leave by the leaders of the recent coup, President Emmanuel Macron told diplomats on Monday, Reuters reported.

Macron also reiterated France's support for ousted Niger president Mohamed Bazoum, whose decision not to resign Macron called brave.