Nearly 700,000 Europeans with Permission to Stay in the UK After Brexit

Nearly 700,000 people have been granted permission to remain in the UK after Brexit, the UK Department of the Interior reported, e-mailing the Daily Mail.About 166,900 people turned to the government scheme to settle European citizens in May to secure their status after Brexit, according to statistics.


Photo exhibition on hidden costs of lithium on display at Ljubljana Castle

The exhibition chronicles the value chain of this rare element, which includes investment and searches in the US, mining in Bolivia, the manufacturing of batteries and cars in China, as well as efforts in Norway, a small country rich in oil, to electrify all of its transport, wrote Ljubljana Castle operator Ljubljanski Grad.

President Iohannis: Romanians convey clear pro-European message on 26 May elections

In the May 26 elections the Romanians sent a clear pro-European message and rejected the anti-European speech, President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday at the International Civil Society Forum. "We had the elections for the European Parliament and the referendum on justice, which I convened in Romania, if I can say so, and which I won together with the Romanians.

Apple Pay Comes to Bulgaria

Apple Pay makes its way to Bulgaria. The British fintech Monese has officially announced that it will start offering this service to its customers in 13 new countries, including ours.

Apple Pay gives you the opportunity to pay with your iPhone or Apple Watch by typing your card number in the special app. With the NFC chip you can pay anywhere you pay with a contactless card.