Eurogroup to permit Greece’s exit from enhanced surveillance status

On Thursday June 16, the Eurogroup is expected to give the "green light" for Greece's exit from the status of enhanced surveillance and return to "European normalcy." The political approval of the exit process, which is expected to take place on August 21, marks the official end of the memorandum period for Greece.

Portugal at last gets to marvel at its crown jewels

It has taken 227 years, but Portugal's stunning crown jewels have finally gone on display in a giant strong room inside the country's long unfinished royal palace.

The Ajuda Palace overlooking the capital's historic Belem district was home to Portugal's last royal dynasty, the Braganzas, whose reign ended when the country became a republic in 1910.

Tourists flock to Antalya during Easter holiday

Foreign tourists have flocked to the Turkish province of Antalya on the Mediterranean coast to spend their Easter holiday.

In April 2020, only 905 holidaymakers arrived in the tourist hotspot, but in the first two weeks of this month alone, Antalya already welcomed 300,000 travelers, up from 178,000 visitors in the whole of April last year.

Romania suspends Flights of its MiG-21 Fighters

NATO member Romania is suspending flights of its other MiG-21 Lancer fighters today due to a "significantly higher accident rate" and will speed up the planned purchase of used F-16 fighters from Norway, Reuters reported, citing the ministry of defense. The move is not related to Russia's invasion of Ukraine, which shares a 650-kilometer border with Romania, the agency said.