The Dobruja Pie (Banitsa) became a Protected Product not of Bulgaria, but of Romania

The Dobruja pie (banitsa) became a protected product of Romania. It has been fighting for this since 2017, said Prof. Dr. Ana Kocheva from the Bulgarian Language Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. "As I understand it, this will be, in front of the world, the true origin of this product.

Greece’s PPC: The deal with Enel was announced

A binding agreement with Enel S.p.A. (Enel) for the acquisition of all the holdings held by Enel and its subsidiaries in Romania for a total of approximately 1,260 million euros was entered into by the Public Power Company ("D.E.H."), as OT already noted on Wednesday.

(The price was set based on the total value of the business which amounts to approximately 1,900 million).

Bulgaria and other EU Countries will Insist on the Termination of the Contract with "Pfizer" for Covid Vaccines

Bulgaria and several other EU countries will insist that the European Health Commission terminate the contract with "Pfizer-Biontech" for the supply of covid vaccines, said acting Minister of Health Asen Medjidiev at a briefing.