Bulgaria will receive EUR 16 Million in Compensation due to large Imports of Grain from Ukraine

The European Commission will provide 56 million euros to support farmers in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria, affected by the increased export of agricultural products from Ukraine, said Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski, quoted by Bloomberg. "We're seeing an increase in supplies, a huge increase in imports to the border countries," he said.

Go-Ahead for ‘Greater Hungary’ Football Banners Irritates Romania

Romanian politicians and Romania's Football Federation criticised the Hungarian Football Federation, MLSZ, for announcing on Tuesday that UEFA had decided that displaying the map of Greater Hungary on flags or banners at matches does not constitute a racist act, so Hungarian supporters will be able to use the symbol at official matches.

Greek Ambassador: Bulgaria is our Most Important Economic and Trade partner in the Region #AmbassadorTalks

Diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Greece were established in 1880, developed gradually over the years, and today they are at an exceptional stage of maturity.  They develop constructively, showing an upward trend in all areas, especially after the accession of Bulgaria to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in March 2004 and its membership in the EU from January 1, 2007.

Foreign Minister: After October Bulgaria and Romania will have No Obstacles for Schengen

"Bulgaria is able to meet the requirements of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for our country's membership in Schengen as early as this summer, when the European Commission's mission on the specific criteria is expected to meet." This was stated by Foreign Minister Nikolay Milkov, who participates in the Sandanski Young Diplomats Seminar.

Zakharova: The Romanian Language should be renamed Moldovan, not the other way around

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused Romania of occupying Bessarabia until 1940. She was angered by a Romanian Foreign Ministry announcement praising the replacement of the Moldovan language with Romanian in all Moldovan laws as a "restoration of scientific truth".

Bulgaria has the Most Dangerous Roads in Europe for Heavy Goods Vehicles

Bulgaria has the most dangerous roads for driving heavy goods vehicles in Europe, according to a study by a British technology and logistics company.

International drivers complain about broken roads, kilometers-long queues at borders, lack of rest areas and systematic violation of traffic rules, which often lead to accidents with fatal consequences.

Has it started yet?

The US military announced on Tuesday, March 14 that a Russian fighter jet hit the propeller of a spy drone that then crashed into the Black Sea. Russia claimed that this was not true and that the aircraft went down due to "sharp maneuvering".

Bulgaria’s President on the Drone Incident: Every Day of this War increases the Risk to Peace in a Global Aspect

The presidents of Romania and Bulgaria commented on the incident with the downed American drone. Klaus Iohannis is on an official visit to Bulgaria at the invitation of the Bulgarian head of state.