EU to Supply Emergency Power to Ukraine Amidst Russian Airstrikes

Overnight Russian airstrikes targeted energy facilities across Ukraine, leaving over 1 million energy consumers in the country without electricity, as reported by Reuters.

The airstrikes primarily focused on regions in eastern Kharkiv Oblast, Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, and Poltava Oblast, resulting in widespread power outages affecting hundreds of thousands of residents.

168 Foreigners Returned to Bulgaria Under Dublin Regulation

In a recent parliamentary scrutiny session, resigned Minister of Internal Affairs, Kalin Stoyanov, unveiled startling statistics regarding the return of foreigners to Bulgaria under the Dublin Regulation. Within just over two months, a total of 168 individuals have been repatriated to Bulgaria, shedding light on the complexities of international migration policies and their enforcement.

Russian Airstrikes Leave Over One Million Ukrainians Without Power

In the aftermath of last night's devastating Russian airstrikes on energy facilities, over one million consumers in Ukraine find themselves without power, as reported by a senior presidential official today. The strikes have wrought havoc across multiple regions, leaving hundreds of thousands in darkness.

Schengen: Bulgaria-Romania Border Controls Persist Post-Accession Plans

Border checks between Bulgaria and Romania along the Danube River are set to persist post-March 31, even as both nations anticipate their admission into the Schengen zone by air and sea. This revelation was disclosed to BNR by a source within the European Commission, shedding light on a significant hurdle in the path to seamless travel within the European Union.

European Wage Growth Slows at End of 2023: Bulgaria Outpaces EU Average

Data released by Eurostat reveals a notable deceleration in wage growth across the European Union (EU) and the eurozone during the final quarter of 2023. While the average hourly wage in the EU increased by 3.8%, representing a marked slowdown from the previous quarter, Bulgaria saw a notable rise of 11.9%, according to the latest figures.

European Left Leader Criticizes Austria's Stance on Bulgaria's Schengen Bid

Walter Baier, the leading candidate of the European Left for the upcoming European elections, has expressed his dismay over Austria's stance on Bulgaria and Romania's entry into the Schengen zone. Describing the Austrian government's position as "shameful, unfair, and ineffective," Baier's remarks reflect broader discontent within the European Left regarding the issue.

Belgium Pushes for Full Schengen Integration of Bulgaria and Romania

The Belgian Presidency of the EU is spearheading efforts to fully integrate Bulgaria and Romania into the Schengen area. A draft resolution, expected to be voted on today in the European Parliament's Committee on Petitions, underscores the urgency of addressing the border issues between the two countries and the rest of the Schengen zone.