Israel will Not Give Missiles to Ukraine despite US Pressure

Israel has rejected a US request to allow Berlin to supply Ukraine with anti-tank missiles developed in Israel, US and Israeli officials told Axios.

The missiles, which are made in Germany and would be transferred to Kyiv by the German government, were manufactured using Israeli technology. According to the license, Israel must approve any transfer of missiles to a third country.

China and Russia have Vetoed new UN Sanctions against North Korea

China and Russia have vetoed a US attempt to impose new UN sanctions on North Korea over its renewed ballistic missile launches, publicly splitting the organization's Security Council for the first time since the body began imposing sanctions on Pyongyang in 2006, Reuters reported.

Ukraine received a Dozen Soviet Su-25s in Spare Parts – Did Bulgaria send them?

Ukraine has received Su-25 attack aircraft from the West in the form of spare parts, according to the American publication Foreign Policy, which is one of the two media with exclusive access to the so-called International Donor Coordination Center. In it, 110 soldiers are helping to track arms shipments around the clock.

The United States prepares for a new move - the most powerful weapon so far

The U.S. administration intends to do that by sending advanced, long-range missile systems, which are now the main request of Ukrainian officials, several unnamed officials said.
The administration is considering sending the system as part of a larger package of military and security aid to Ukraine, which could be revealed next week, CNN reported.