Pole vault: Tina Šutej finishes fifth at Tokyo Olympics

Tokyo – Slovenia’s Tina Šutej has placed fifth in the women’s pole vault at the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo. The 32-year-old national record holder registered a clearance of 4.5 metres in Thursday’s final and then failed to clear the height of 4.7 metres to join the top four. US Katie Nageotte won gold as she cleared the final height of 4.9 metres.

Slovakia Grapples With the ‘Big Business’ of Disinformation

To many, this comes as no surprise. Observers point out that a peculiar "question everything" mentality has taken hold among Slovaks - a reference to the motto of RT, the television channel and website formerly known as Russia Today that's described by the New York Times as "a case study in the complexity of modern propaganda".

Serbia’s Ambassador to Russia Lazanski Passes Away

Miroslav Lazanski, the Serbian ambassador to Russia, has suddenly died, Serbia's Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

Lazanski was appointed ambassador to Moscow in June 2019. He had been an MP in parliament since June 2016, elected on the ruling Serbian Progressive Party's list as a non-party person.

NATO Cannot Cede the New Art of Modern Warfare to Russia and China

As early as the Russian military campaign in Georgia in 2008, it was clear to anyone paying attention that cyberattacks had become a critical element of conventional warfare strategy. Instead, the Kremlin's brazenness in using military force to show that Georgia would be broken up before joining NATO shocked us, while the EU's attempts at instant war diplomacy distracted us.

Turkish Govt Feels Heat as Forest Fires Wreak Havoc

Turkish officials insist they are doing everything to stop the fires but the opposition and many ordinary people have criticized the government for its allegedly weak response.

"We are altogether fighting the forest fires in our country," the General Directorate of Forestry said on Sunday on Twitter.