Serbia not to spoil relations with Russia

SID - Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic stated on Saturday that Serbia will not join sanctions against the Russian Federation.

“We will probably be exposed to pressures, but we will not spoil relations with Russia,” Dacic told reporters after a ceremony marking the 69th anniversary of the Syrmian Front and the end of the fight for Serbia's liberation in WWII.

Russia's Ambassador to Bulgaria: We Will Respond to EU Sanctions

Russia will respond to EU sanctions, Russia's Ambassador to Bulgaria Yuriy Isakov stressed, Saturday.

Sanctions in general are not only less productive, but also harmful because they return like a boomerang to those who initiate them, Isakov said in an interview for Bulgaria's Darik radio.

Cyprus president thinks gas may help bridge the island's division

President Nicos Anastasiades said discovery of natural gas around Cyprus could galvanize international efforts to resolve a longstanding division of the island and smooth development of an alternative energy supply source to Russia.

But he said it was too early to speak of tangible progress in recently relaunched peace talks on the ethnically split island.

Obama Tells Merkel to be Prepared for Further Sanctions

US President Barack Obama has urged the European Union to be prepared for new sanctions against Russia.

In a phone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama "underscored the need for the United States, European Union, and other global partners to be prepared to meet further Russian escalation with additional sanctions", the White House revealed.