EU 'to Extend' Southern Gas Corridor from Azerbaijan

The EU would extend the route for supplies through the Southern Gas Corridor and its pipes will make their way further into Europe's mainland, according to reports.

Russia's Vedomosti, which cites sources from the European Commission, suggests that pipes could lead into France and Spain and this could increase the amount of Azerbaijani gas received from the Union.

President Plevneliev: Bulgaria Backs EU Decisions on Ukraine

President Rosen Plevneliev has emphasized the clear and unambiguous support of Bulgaria for all decisions of the EU and the European Parliament in an interview for Deustchlandfunk.

Asked to comment on the crisis in Ukraine, he noted that Russia's annexation of Crimea had questioned the very foundations of the system of international law.

Blast on Russian-flagged ship leaves two injured near Volos

Two Russian nationals were seriously injured following an explosion on board a cargo ship docked at Amaliapoli near Volos, central Greece, on Saturday.

Initial reports suggested that the incident occurred on board the Russian-flagged Nakhodka following an explosion in a storage area at the ship’s prow.