Saudi Arabia


‘I could not deny a human right to fellow citizens,’ says Greek Muslim MP

In Islam, homosexuality is a grave sin that is believed to incur the wrath of Allah. In some strict Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, punishments such as flogging, stoning, and burning at the stake are prescribed.

Houthis Ban Entry of American, British, and Israeli Ships from Red and Arabian Seas

In a significant move, the Houthi rebels in Yemen have declared a ban on American, British, and Israeli ships from entering the Red and Arabian Seas, as well as the Gulf of Aden. The ban extends to vessels owned or partially owned by Israeli citizens or companies, as well as those flying the Israeli flag.

Bulgaria Faces Backlash for Deportation Order Against Saudi Dissident

Reports emerge from Sofia indicating that Bulgaria intends to deport a Saudi dissident who sought asylum but was rejected, sparking concerns for his safety upon return to the Gulf kingdom. The news, reported by AFP, sheds light on the plight of Abdulrahman Al-Khalidi, who fears persecution in Saudi Arabia if deported.