South Korea


South Korea’s lunar orbiter sends photos of Earth, Moon

South Korea's first-ever lunar orbiter Danuri has sent black-and-white photos of the Moon's surface and Earth, the national space center said yesterday. 

Danuri, a portmanteau of the Korean words for "Moon" and "enjoy," was launched on a SpaceX rocket from the United States in August 2022 and entered lunar orbit last month.

Bulgarian Doctor: Peak of Flu and Acute Respiratory Diseases is expected in February

"Influenza isolation is increasing. We had an earlier season and we were finding mostly influenza A H3N2, but over time we are finding more of the other one - H1N1, and now they are even. Cases of flu and acute respiratory illnesses are doubling in two weeks, and this trend will continue in January, peaking in February." This is what Prof.

Biden Cut Off the South Korean President: We are Not Planning Joint Nuclear Exercises with Seoul

US President Joe Biden has said that the US is not discussing joint nuclear exercises with South Korea. His statement contradicted a statement by South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol, made at a time of rising tensions with North Korea, Reuters reported, citing BTA.