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What Do You Celebrate on May 9th? Our Readers Have Spoken

On May 9th, a survey conducted on our media's Facebook page sparked significant interest and engagement, shedding light on how people commemorate this historically significant day. The survey asked participants, "What do you celebrate today?" referring to the dual observances of Europe Day and Victory Day.

Greek mafia remnants still active

Two bombing incidents this year at a gas station in Piraeus on March 8 and a liquor store in Kallithea on March 11, as well as a shootout with Kalashnikovs on Syngrou Avenue on March 23, were just the latest incidents in the ongoing turf war between rival gangs despite the recent police crackdown on the so-called Greek mafia.

Putin Attends Victory Day Parade with 1,000 Veterans of the War with Ukraine

As Russia commemorated Victory Day, President Vladimir Putin presided over the annual military parade on Red Square in Moscow. The event, marking the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in World War II, saw participation from leaders of several countries, including Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Guinea-Bissau, and Laos.

Putin says nuclear forces 'always' on alert as Ukraine war rages on

Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on Thursday that his nuclear forces were "always" on alert and that Russia would not tolerate any threats from the West.

In a defiant address on Red Square before thousands of soldiers dressed in ceremonial attire, Putin heaped praise on his army fighting in Ukraine and accused "Western elites" of fomenting conflicts around the world.

Bulgaria Celebrates Victory Day

As Europe Day dawns, it is intertwined with a solemn remembrance that echoes through history - the 79th anniversary of Victory Day over Nazi Germany. May 9th serves as a dual commemoration, celebrating both the ideals of European unity and the triumph of the Soviet Union in the Second World War.

Russia targets Ukraine railways as Western aid due to arrive

Ukraine warned Friday that Moscow was ramping up attacks on railways in a bid to disrupt military supplies ahead of a fresh Russian offensive while Kiev waits for new U.S. weapon deliveries.

Kiev fears Russia is seeking to press its advantage on the battlefield ahead of symbolic May 9 Victory Day celebrations, as both sides continued to launch deadly cross-border strikes.