Soviet Union

Moscow sends its combat tanks to the border with Afghanistan

Russia will try to strengthen the joint border after the U.S. forces withdrew from the region in the last weeks, RT writes.
In a statement issued by Russian defense chiefs on Friday, officials said the latest hardware would be delivered to troops stationed in the mountainous Central Asian state.

Hisense Europe makes loss in 2020, profit in last 14 months

Velenje – The Hisense Europe Group generated just under EUR 2 billion in sales in 2020, more than 97% of which came from home appliances. It ended the year with a loss of EUR 12.8 million, of which Gorenje’s loss was EUR 11.5 million. Nevertheless, the group has been generating profit in the last 14 months, Gorenje said in a release on Thursday.

China’s astronauts make spacewalk to upgrade robotic arm

Chinese astronauts edged into space on Aug. 19 to add the finishing touches to a robotic arm on the Tiangong space station.


The foray, the second spacewalk in two months and relayed on state television, is part of China's heavily promoted space programme which has already seen the nation land a rover on Mars and send probes to the moon.

War on the horizon?

This was reported today by the "Daily Mail", referring to the report of the U.S. Ministry of Defense on nuclear operations.
In addition, North Korea has accelerated testing of missiles that are able to reach the continental United States, while Iran currently has the technology that allows it to make nuclear weapons within a year if it wants, reports the British paper.

First spacewalk at China’s new Tiangong station

Two astronauts conducted China's first tandem spacewalk on July 4, working on the outside of their nation's new Tiangong station in orbit around Earth.

Three Chinese astronauts blasted off in June, docking at the space station where they are to remain for three months in China's longest crewed mission to date.