Soviet Union

Russia mulls restoring military bases in Vietnam and Cuba

Russia is considering plans to resume its military presence in Vietnam and Cuba where Moscow earlier had military bases, Russian news agencies quoted Russian Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov as saying on Oct. 7. 

"We are dealing with this issue," the agencies quoted Pankov as saying in the State Duma lower house of Russia's parliament, according to Reuters. 

Wooden bust of Lenin dumped ashore off Turkey to feature in film

A wooden bust of Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Russian Communist Party and the leader of the Bolshevik Revolution, that washed up on a beach off the Akçakoca district of the Black Sea province of Düzce in 1991 is set to be filmed, private broadcaster CNN Turk has reported.  

Russia's Sculpture Donation Sparks Derision in Romania

Critics of Moscow's 100 euro donation called a protest on Tuesday afternoon in front of Russian Embassy in Bucharest, claiming that the gesture was offensive.

"We considered ourselves offended, so we invite you to return the baksheesh in one cent coins," the organisers said in a statement on Facebook.

The statement accused Russia of owing Romania "several dozen tons of gold".

Bulgaria Plans to Refit Two of Its Frigates

The Bulgarian defence ministry is planning to refit two of the frigates currently in service to the navy in order to fully restore their capabilities.

The refitting of Drazki and Verni frigates, both of which used to be in service to the Belgian navy, will be carried at the same time as the acquisition of two new multi-purpose patrol ships.

Bulgarians Honor Victory Day in Front of Soviet Army Monument

Hundreds of Bulgarians laid wreaths in front of the Soviet Army Monument in the capital Sofia to mark Victory Day on Monday.

Wreaths were officially laid by embassies of Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Venezuela, Vietnam, the Palestinian Authority, China, Kazakhstan, Syria, Pakistan, and Cuba.

Turkey dismisses Russian spokeswoman's 'Ottoman' comment

A senior Turkish official dismissed on May 5 a Russian spokeswoman's comments regarding what she called the "destructive role of the Turkish government" on various issues.

Maria Zakharova, the official spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, told daily Izvestia on May 4 that Turkey was "striving to restore the previous might of the Ottoman Empire in one way or another."