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Czech leader defends decision to attend Moscow parade

Czech leader defends decision to attend Moscow parade

PRAGUE -- Milos Zeman will attend Victory Day celebrations in Moscow in order to express "his gratitude for the fact Czechs are not forced to speak German today."

Russia will on May 9 organize a military parade to mark 70 years since World War II victory.

Eight suspects arrested for alleged social security fraud

The Financial Police said on Thursday that they have smashed a racket of fraudsters believed to have swindled 360,000 euros from the Social Security Foundation (IKA) and the OAEE fund for freelancers and the self-employed by issuing forged diagnoses of worksite accidents with the help of doctors.

Romania Defends NATO Missile Defence Plans

"The anti-missile system is only for self-defence, as defined by the UN charter, and has nothing to do with Russia," Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said on Saturday.

Aurescu was commenting after Russia's ambassador to Denmark, Mikhail Vanin, warned the Scandinavian country not to join the NATO missile defence system.

Fugitive robber arrested after four months on the run

A 37-year-old ethnic Greek from the former Soviet Union who had absconded while on a furlough from Felli Prison in Grevena, northwestern Greece, last November was caught by police on Thursday in Menemeni, a suburb of Thessaloniki.

The fugitive is serving time for several burglaries in central Thessaloniki and Menemeni.