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Biden urges Americans to leave Ukraine as fears of Russian invasion mount

US President Joe Biden urged Americans Thursday to immediately leave Ukraine, as Russia's live-fire drills and build-up of troops around the ex-Soviet state deepened fears of an invasion.

Washington-Moscow tensions are at their highest since the Cold War, with some US estimates saying some 130,000 Russian soldiers are grouped in dozens of combat brigades near the border with Ukraine.

Romania Wants New Talks With Russia on Unreturned Gold

Romanian Foreign Minister Bogdan Aurescu said on Sunday on TV that Romania wants to resume negotiations on the treasure it sent to Moscow for safekeeping during World War I in 1916 and which was never returned.

The hoard of almost 94 tonnes of gold coins, jewels and art objects has been a  source of friction for a decade.

Putin managed to cause dispute within NATO; "Americans are exhausted"

It's a confusing time for Americans when it comes to world affairs, with the government explaining on the one hand why it was time to pull out of Afghanistan, but on the other why it's also time to stand up for Ukraine, on which eastern border Ukraine has amassed more than 100.000 troops.

European Deputies, as well as the Bulgarian Socialists, want Sanctions against Russia's Private Army

The EU must sanction Russia's private army, known as the Wagner Group.

This is what a European Parliament resolution calls for, adopted by an overwhelming majority of 585 votes in favor. Curiously, it is supported by all five Bulgarian Socialist MEPs. They usually either oppose or abstain in a vote against Russia.

Turkey remembers 1944 deportation of Ahıska Turks

Turkey on Nov. 14 marked the 77th anniversary of the deportation of Ahıska Turks during the Soviet era.

On Nov. 14, 1944, around 100,000 Ahıska Turks were deported from their ancestral lands in Georgia's Meskheti region to distant parts of the Soviet Union, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement.