Spain Offered to Host the UN Climate Conference

Spain proposed the 25th International Conference on Climate (COP 25) to be held in Madrid, Chilean President Sebastian Pinera announced today, cited by France Press.

Chile will host the UN conference scheduled for December, but yesterday Pinera said the country is refusing to organize the forum because of the social crisis it is experiencing, BTA reported.

Price for pork 15 pct higher than compared to 2018 (association)

The price to acquire pork, the main raw material for producing Sibiu Salami, has grown by 15 pct over the last year, but the price for the final product registered an advance of under 10 pct, stated, on Friday, Carmen Gavrilescu, chair of the Association of Sibiu Salami Producers (APSS) in a press conference at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).

Bulgarian Was Shot 4 Times, Found Dead in Marbella

The body of a Bulgarian between the ages of 40 and 50 was found in a ditch in the Spanish resort town of Marbella. The man was shot four times - once in the arm and three times in the abdomen.

Police have launched an investigation, but officials say "no connection can be made between the killed and Spain". It's still unclear how he ended up in Marbella,, writes.

Ombudsman Renate Weber says official title of Romania's citizens' rights guarding institution is misleading

Romania's Ombudsman Renate Weber argues that the official title of the institution she is heading - the People's Advocate - is "pompous" and "ill-advised", because it may mislead the public opinion about what the Ombudsman can and should do. "I couldn't tell you why we have chosen this title because by tradition, the institution is indeed called Ombudsman.

Thousands Took to the Streets of Barcelona Calling for Unity

Thousands of supporters of Spain's unity took to the streets of Barcelona yesterday, chanting "For coexistence, for democracy, for Catalonia!" "Enough!", Referring to street protests following the sentencing of separatist leaders, the Spanish daily Mundo reported in its electronic edition.

Christmas comes early for women in Turkey’s western Burdur province

The thrill of the Christmas celebration has already grasped locals in Turkey's western Burdur province but in a different way. Some 300 women have started working hard to prepare at least 650,000 Christmas wreaths which will be exported to countries such as Britain, Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and probably the United States until December.