Red Star triumphs in Valencia to reach Top 16 phase

VALENCIA - Belgrade-based basketball club Red Star outplayed Spain's Valencia 77-68 (20-16, 22-21, 20-15, 15-16) on Friday evening thus notching the fifth victory in the Euroleague Group D and securing a spot in the Top 16 phase.

Red Star played very well in the eight round match led by remarkable Marcus Williams and Boban Marjanovic.

Record corn export of 480,000 tons in November

BELGRADE - Serbia exported 480,000 tons of corn in November, which represents a record in terms of the country's monthly export of cereals, Zita Srbije Director Vukosav Sakovic told Tanjug.

He recalled that the record monthly export until now totalled 365,000 tons of corn, and added that the latest record export was recorded in November 2010.

Palestinians urge France to act on parliament vote to recognise state

The Palestinian leadership urged France to act on a parliamentary vote Dec. 2 in favour of recognising Palestine as a state, expressing its "gratitude" to the French lawmakers.

"We call on the French government to translate its parliament's vote into action," Hanan Ashrawi, a senior leader in the Palestine Liberation Organisation, said in a statement.

Germany top European destination for immigrants and asylum seekers: OECD

An oasis of prosperity in struggling Europe, Germany is now the favored location for immigrants on the continent, who continue to skirt crisis-hit southern states, the OECD said in a report Dec. 1.
Germany has become the main destination for people freely moving between European Union nations and is also the world's largest recipient of new asylum seekers.

Science Festival starts on Thursday

BELGRADE - This year's Science Festival will be held in Belgrade December 4-7.

The festival will bring together scientists from all over Europe, including winners of the Ig Nobel Prize, the organisers have announced.

The partner country for this year's event is France. Scientists from Hungary, Portugal, Sweden and Slovenia will take part in the festival.