President Iohannis and his wife attend enthronement of Japan's Emperor Naruhito

AGERPRES special correspondent Florentina Peia reports: President Klaus Iohannis and his wife, Carmen Iohannis, attended on Tuesday in Tokyo the enthronement ceremony of Japanese Emperor Naruhito. The head of the Romanian state wore a black tail coat and his wife wore a long blue dress.

Foreign Ministry releases list and interactive map of the 835 polling stations to be organised abroad

Bucharest, Oct 22 /Agerpres/ - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) announced on Monday evening having released the complete list and the interactive map of the 835 polling stations that will be organized abroad for the presidential election this November; the list and the interactive map are available at

Over 1,000 sailors, nine vessels taking part in most important NATO exercise in Dobrogea

Over 1,000 sailors and nine vessels of the Romanian Navy (FNR) and NATO allies are taking part, October 21-27, in FALL STORM 19, one of the most important exercises organised in Dobrogea and the Black Sea. According to the Navy Defence Staff, the Standing NATO Maritime Counter Measures Group 2, where Romania participates with DM25 - Lt.

#2019PresidentialElection/ Polling places abroad in schools, hotels, shopping centres, most in Spain

Schools, cultural centres, hotels, restaurants and children's entertainment venues will host polling stations for Romanian nationals abroad voting in the November presidential election, according to a list published by the Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP). AEP has approved 835 polling stations abroad in all, with the most being in Spain - 143.

Greek olive oil cheaper in the US than Spain’s

Rafael Pico, president of the Spanish Olive Oil & Pomace Olive Oil Exporters Association (ASOLIVA), told Xinhua in an interview that the 25 percent US tariff imposed as of Friday on bottled Spanish olive oil means the product will be effectively "expelled" from the US market.
Spain currently exports around 200,000 tons of olive oil to the US every year.

Thousands converge on Barcelona for fifth day of Catalan protests

Hundreds of thousands of pro-independence supporters from across Spain's northeastern region of Catalonia are expected to pour into Barcelona on Oct. 18, as unions called for a general strike on the fifth day of protests following the jailing of nine separatist leaders.
Many of those walking towards the Catalan capital were waving pro-independence flags, Reuters witnesses said.