‘Swedes barred when 
Cyprus opens up’

Excluding Sweden from moves to open borders across the Nordic region as it recovers from the coronavirus pandemic would be a political decision and not justifiable on health grounds, Foreign Minister Ann Linde said on Tuesday.
Media in Sweden have raised concerns that Swedes could be excluded as curbs on travel are relaxed, both in the Nordic region and elsewhere in Europe.

Editorial: Unworthy leaders

Today Donald Trump's America counts 100.000 deaths from the Covid-19 epidemic

That is more than Mr. Trump had projected toward the beginning of the public health crisis which he was handling with incredible lightness.

The Brazil of Mr. Trump's ideological bedfellow Bolsonaro in a very short time surpassed 20,000 deaths and is turning into the next great centre of the pandemic.

Montenegro Avoids Shameful Memory of Deadly Wartime Deportations

"Imagine when somebody takes away your father or husband, in front of your eyes and takes him to his death," said Bosno. "After many years, we buried several of his bones, which were found somewhere around Belgrade."

The family had moved to Montenegro from Srebrenica in Bosnia precisely to avoid any involvement in the war, explained Bosno, who now lives in Sweden.

Kon: We need to relax, I don't think we will return to the state of emergency VIDEO

"You remember when I said in the 6th week that we were at half time. It is now the 12th week and we are slowly finishing that second half," he said, adding that "we don't need overtime."
Kon says that the situation in Serbia is "not bad", but that we will have more deaths.
He also expects the virus to appear sporadically over the summer.

"We regret America's decision"

Today, the ambassadors of NATO member states are discussing this in Brussels.
"We regret the announcement by the US government that it intends to withdraw from the Open Skies Treaty, although we share concerns about Russia's implementation of the provisions of that agreement," reads the letter signed by the foreign ministers of ten NATO member states.

116 Years of FIFA: Here Are Some Facts

On May 21, 1904, in the French capital, Paris, representatives of the football associations of France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland signed the documents officially establishing the world's largest football association, whose main purpose was the creation of smaller associations to be national representations of the countries of the world.