Rouhani admitted: Bringing down Ukrainian plane - unforgivable mistake; First arrests

Rouhani also said it was a "tragic event" which, he noted, would be examined in detail. "Iran will punish all those responsible for accidentally knocking down a Ukrainian passenger plane, having confused it with a hostile cruise missile", Rouhani said.

Global debt hits record $253 trillion

The global debt-to-GDP ratio hit a new all-time high of over 322 percent in the third quarter of 2019, with total debt reaching close to a record $253 trillion, the Institute of International Finance (IIF) has said.

Total debt across the household, government, financial and non-financial corporate sectors surged by some $9 trillion in the first three quarters of last year.

Bosnian Capital Chokes “In Own Category” of Air Pollution

The Swedish embassy to Bosnia, a long-time advocate of tougher air pollution action in the country, tweeted that Sarajevo was "in a category of its own" as the air pollution levels on Saturday were so high that categorizing the health hazard level made no sense. It called for urgent action.

The Prime Minister of Finland Proposes the Introduction of a 4-Day Working Week

Finland's new Prime Minister Sanna Marin plans to introduce a four-day work week with 6-hour business days.

According to her, a flexible schedule will allow workers to spend more time with their families. Marin believes this would also increase labor productivity.

The proposal was welcomed by Education Minister Li Andersson, the Daily Mail reported.

Ericsson to supply Cosmote with 5G equipment

Cosmote is Greece's first mobile communications provider to prepare for the 5G era via a network upgrade contract it is to sign soon with Sweden's Ericsson.

The estimated €170 million contract, expected to be signed early January, includes both fourth- and fifth-generation equipment. It involves upgrading existing base stations and antennas across Greece as well as creating new ones.