Balkan Countries Tighten Security as Coronavirus Cases Surge

As the number of new coronavirus cases in the Balkan region continues to grow, many governments have introduced tough measures aimed at preventing their spread.

Romania, which confirmed 30 cases as of Wednesday, on Tuesday said travellers from Spain, France and Germany would now be isolated on arrival.

Amid Turkey Tensions, a Hostile Environment in Greece

"Unfortunately, tension is growing the past three weeks, with the islanders feeling tired of lifting the burden of the so-called refugee crisis all these years," Stravaridis told BIRN.

He said MSF staff on the island of Lesvos had recently faced two violent incidents, resulting in the closure of an MSF clinic on the island for two days.

Vucic: Temporary ban can be imposed on those entering the country from affected areas

"We will take measures and ban the entry of people from certain countries or affected areas for a short period: from northern Italy, parts of Switzerland, South Korea and certain provinces of China, as well as from Iran ...", Vucic said.
Vucic said on Television Kopernikus that the state would take other necessary measures.

Today is the International Women's Day

International Women's Day is celebrated each year on March 8th. This is a day for international recognition of women's economic, political and social achievements.

The celebration began in 1857 in New York when one of the first protests of women working in textile factories was organized. They demanded equal rights with men, reduced working hours and improved working conditions.

Health status of coronavirus-infected teens treated in Timisoara, good

The health status of coronavirus-infected young people hospitalised in Timisoara is good, with no symptoms, and the patients admitted to Iasi and Cluj-Napoca have a better health status then when admitted, the Strategic Communication Group (GCS) said on Friday. "To date, March 6, seven cases of citizens infected with COVID-19 (coronavirus) have been confirmed nationwide.

Strategic Communication Group: 38 persons in institutional quarantine; 11,311self-isolated at home

A number of 38 people have been placed in institutional quarantine at national level to be test for the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and another 11,311 are in self-isolation at home, while under medical monitoring, the Strategic Communication Group informs.

Kosovo’s New Foreign Minister Calls for Sacking of Ambassadors

Glauk Konjufca said on Tuesday that he has decided to dismiss several heads of diplomatic missions from their position abroad, including Kosovo's ambassador to Washington, Vlora Citaku.

Konjufca said that Kosovo's representatives in Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Hungary, France, Montenegro and Switzerland should also be discharged from their positions.