Croatia sets aside funds for neighboring countries

Croatia sets aside funds for neighboring countries

ZAGREB -- Croatia has decided to send humanitarian aid worth EUR 100,000 to Serbia and Bosnia each, and thus help the neighboring countries cope with the floods.

Foreign Minister Vesna Pusić explained that her ministry has a sum allocated each year for humanitarian aid to those affected by disasters abroad.

Jihadist Threat to Europe Worries Macedonia

Interior Minister Jankulovska says hard-line Islamists returning to Europe after fighting in Syria pose a danger to the whole continent.

“Four Macedonian citizens already died in Syria, which is a strong indicator that this problem is expanding,” Jankulovska said.

“This is not a problem isolated in a single country but a problem threatening all of Europe,” she added.

Border Police Caught 25 Illegal Immigrants At Kapitan Andreevo

Bulgaria's Border Police caught 22 illegal immigrants at the Kapitan Andreevo border crossing with Turkey, said Interior Ministry. 

The 22 men, two women and one child were hidden in two containers on a freight train travelling from Turkey. 

None of them had documents, but three said they were from Myanmar and the rest – from Syria. 

Albanians Row Over Oil Imports from Iran

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha on Thursday called for a parliamentary inquiry into claims that the centre-left government of Premier Edi Rama has imported oil from Teheran, breaking the UN-imposed embargo.

“The government has breached the embargo by allowing imports of oil from Iran, a grave national and international act,” Berisha said during Thursday's parliamentary session.