Türkiye, US jointly freeze assets of ISIL affiliates

Türkiye and the United States decided to take joint action on freezing the assets of five individuals and two legal persons identified as financing the ISIL, the Turkish Foreign Ministry announced on Jan.5.

Further information on the matter can be obtained from a published decision by the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance, said the statement.

12 PKK terrorists ‘neutralized’ in Syria’s north

A total of 12 PKK/YPG terrorists who attempted to attack the regions of the Olive Branch and Peace Spring operations have been neutralized, the Defense Ministry has said.

"The fight against terrorism of our heroic Turkish Armed Forces continues with determination, day and night," the ministry said in its social media post.

Erdoğan asks Putin to declare 'unilateral' Ukraine ceasefire

Syrian regime must take concrete steps regarding the stalled process for a political solution to the ongoing civil war in the country, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan told Russian President Vladimir Putin after the defense ministers from Türkiye and Syria held a historic meeting under the mediation of Moscow.

Türkiye, Russia will resume joint patrols in North Syria: Akar

Türkiye and Russia will resume joint patrols in northern Syria in line with a recent deal between the two countries, the Turkish defense minister has said, expressing Ankara's intention to continue a process started by Ankara, Moscow and Damascus for resolving terror and migration problems.

Bulgaria: 35 Illegal Migrants were found in a House in the Capital's Banishora District

35 illegal migrants were found in a house in Sofia during a police operation.

The illegal migrants were caught during an operation of the Metropolitan Directorate of Internal Affairs in the "Banishora" district. They were found in a house on Sofronii Vrachanski Street.

Video from 2018 goes viral: "Russians are controlling you" VIDEO

As reported by Jutarnji list, at that meeting, which was not ordinary, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine were mostly discussed as the crisis hotspots at that time.
The NATO summit at that time was, namely, different because then US President Donald Trump made harsh criticisms regarding the funding of the Alliance, as well as Germany's dependence on Russian energy.