Mass Exodus from Afghanistan Sparks New Migrant Crisis in Europe

When foreign policy expert Kemal Kirişci warned of "a mass exodus of refugees fleeing Afghanistan could spark another migration crisis" in April, his research received little attention.

Now, as the Taliban completes a rapid takeover of the country following the US and NATO decision to withdraw, his predictions may have already started to materialise.

EU presidency condemns Belarus’s abuse of migrants for political gain

Brussels – The Slovenian EU presidency strongly supports and expresses solidarity with the EU countries which have come under pressure from illegal migrants from Belarus, Slovenian Interior Minister Aleš Hojs said as he was en route to host a session of EU home affairs ministers to discuss a recent migrant influx from Belarus on Wednesday.

Romanian Migrants Sunday - Patriarch Daniel exhorts diaspora to stay in contact with loved ones at home

Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church addressed a message on the occasion of the Romanian Migrants Sunday that will be celebrated on August 22, exhorting the Romanians who live away from the country to stay in constant contact with their loved ones at home and to cherish the family - consisting of a man, a woman and children.

FM says Slovenia ready to accept additional Afghan collaborators

Ljubljana/Brussels – Slovenia is ready to accept up to five members of the Afghan staff that collaborated with the EU to show solidarity with other EU member states, Foreign Minister Anže Logar said on Wednesday. For the time being, Slovenia will not offer taking in additional refugees from Afghanistan.

EU Faces New Migrant Crisis as Number of Illegal Migrants Coming via Western Balkans Doubles

The number of migrants illegally entering the European Union by crossing the Western Balkans has almost doubled this year, EU border agency Frontex said on Thursday, with the majority coming from Syria and Afghanistan, Reuters reported.

Week in Review: New Waves, New Tensions

Mission Impossible

The new High Representative and EU Special Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina, German diplomat Christian Schmidt, speaks during the inaugural press conference, in Sarajevo Bosnia and herzegovina, 04 August 2021. Schmidt he is the eighth international administrator in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the end of the 1992-1995 Balkan war. EPA-EFE/FEHIM DEMIR