Tajik opposition leader killed in gun attack in Istanbul

Tajik opposition leader Umarali Kuvatov was killed in a gun attack in Istanbul late on March 5.

Kuvatov, the leader of Group 24, an opposition movement in Tajikistan, was reportedly walking on the street in the Fatih district after having dinner at his friend's house when an unknown assailant shot him in the head.

ROMANIANS AT MONGOL RALLY Team Mamaliga Warriors crosses the finish line

Team Mamaliga Warriors crossed the finish line of the Mongol Rally, the world's largest charity rally, at the weekend, and returned to Romania.

MamaligaWarriors is one of two Romanian teams that embarked on the rally. Team Dracula Khan, the second one crossed the finish line on August 15.

ROMANIANS AT MONGOL RALLY: Team Dracula Khan cross the finish line

Team Dracula Khan have crossed the finish line in Ulan Bator of the Mongol Rally, the world's largest charity rally, the team reported on Friday on their official Facebook page.

The members that reached the finish line of the rally in Ulan Bator, after driving 16,601 km, are manager Radu Manea, 40; architect Ovidiu Niculica, 47and architect Razvan Mosneag, 38.

ROMANIANS AT MONGOL RALLY En route to Ulan Bator: 36 hours of driving, Georgian music and lunch in a yurt

The two teams that left Romania in the Mongol Rally - Mamaliga (Polenta) Warriors and Dracula Khan - this weekend reached Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan, respectively, and their journey included a visit to a body shop in Georgia, meeting other teams in the rally, continual driving to the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan for 36 hours and a lunch served in a yurt.