Cat allowed on flight in cabin as owners were stranded in Tanzania


Turkish Airlines made an expectation for a couple who were stranded in Tanzania amid the coronavirus outbreak and allowed their cat to fly back home in the cabin of a plane. 

Neval Kamışlı and her husband, who is working in a construction project for a Turkish company, have been living in Tanzania for more than two years. 

Nearly 700 Turkish nationals evacuated over virus

Nearly 700 Turkish nationals were repatriated on May 16 from the United States and Kyrgyzstan as part of an initiative by Ankara over the coronavirus pandemic.

An exclusive Turkish Airlines flight with 354 Turks from the U.S. landed in the Black Sea province of Ordu. Separately, 330 Turks were evacuated from Kyrgyzstan and landed in metropolis Istanbul.

Environmental disasters across world in February

The second month of 2020 saw numerous environmental disasters that impaired climate change and vice versa, including Storm Ciara across Europe, swarms of locusts in East Africa, deadly avalanches in Turkey, and a volcanic eruption in Japan.

Here is a look at the global environmental disasters during the previous month.

Feb. 3:

One-Third of Tropical African Plants Are Threatened with Extinction

About one-third of tropical African plants are threatened with extinction, according to a new study cited by the BBC.

Much of West Africa, Ethiopia, as well as vast areas of Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, are the regions found to be most at risk, that will lose about 40 percent of their plant diversity

A Record 45 Million People in Africa Are at Risk of a Food Crisis over the Next Six Months

A record 45 million people are at risk of a food crisis over the next six months in southern Africa, the BTA warned today. The reason for this is the severe drought that has hit part of South Africa, as well as the adverse effects of natural disasters such as the Idai cyclone that devastated Mozambique earlier this year.