Erdogan: Israel’s Netanyahu solely responsible for recent Middle East tensions

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli leadership are solely responsible for the recent escalation of tensions in the Middle East, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday.

"Israel is trying to provoke a regional conflict, and its attack on Iran's embassy in Damascus  was the last drop," he told a press conference in Ankara after a cabinet meeting.

Greece plans 2 marine protected areas. But rival Turkey and environmental groups aren’t impressed

Greece aims to create two large marine parks as part of a 780-million-euro ($830 million) program to protect biodiversity and marine ecosystems, with the plans to be announced at an international oceans conference starting in Athens on Tuesday.

Annual parade in NY commemorates Independence Day

Hundreds of Greek Americans and guests gathered along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue in New York to partake in the annual Greek Independence Day Parade, which commemorates the anniversary of the Greek War of Independence against Ottoman rule.

This year's procession also paid tribute to the 50th anniversary of Turkey's invasion and occupation of Cyprus.

Mardin draws crowds during Eid al-Fitr holiday

The southern province of Mardin, renowned for its rich cultural allure and historical sites, saw a surge in both local and foreign tourists during the Eid al-Fitr holiday.

With over 60 hotels boasting 22,000 beds reaching a 90 percent occupancy rate, and Midyat district welcoming 10,000 daily visitors, the region hosted a bustling atmosphere.

Turkish Foreign Min calls for de-escalation talks with Iran

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan reached out to his Iranian counterpart, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian on Sunday stressing Turkey's aim to avoid further escalation in the Middle East following Iran's retaliatory measures against Israel Saturday night.

According to Turkish sources, Fidan specifically conveyed that "Turkey seeks an end to actions that heighten tensions in the region." 

Greece-Turkey: Discussion on maritime zones delimitation should wait

It's been more than a year of calm waters between Greece and Turkey and suddenly tensions seemed to have flared up again.

Earlier this week, Turkey hit out at Greece for its plans to declare two marine parks in the Aegean and the Ionian seas ahead of the Our Oceans Conference taking place in Athens next week.