Oruc Reis sails back into Greek waters

Seismic vessel Oruc Reis entered Greek territorial waters on Thursday afternoon and is moving westward, within the area outlined by the Navtex issued by Turkey's navy on Monday.

The ship is accompanied by the auxiliary vessels Ataman and Cengiz Han and Turkish Navy ships. which in turn are monitored by the Greek Armed Forces.

Restoration in Istanbul’s iconic tower creates political firestorm

Cell phone footage of restoration workers drilling down the stone wall of Istanbul's 14th-century Galata Tower created a political firestorm. An officer of the Istanbul Municipality tweeted a clip of two restoration workers taking apart a corner section of the tower's inner wall with jackhammers. A pile of large stones lay at their feet as they worked.

Police detain at least 30 women in Istanbul Convention demonstration

Police detained at least 33 women in Ankara on Aug. 12 demonstrating to defend the Istanbul Convention.

Women's rights groups and feminists have been demanding the Istanbul Convention, a Council of Europe treaty that obligates member states to fight violence against women, be fully implemented amid debates that Turkey could withdraw from it.

Former presidential candidate, CHP dissident İnce launches ‘Motherland Movement’

Turkey has both a government and an opposition problem and needs to exit this current political stalemate, Muharrem İnce, a former main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) presidential candidate and a party dissident, has said, announcing the launch of his "Motherland Movement in 1,000 days" as an alternative to existing political parties.