Hopes that Trump-Erdogan affinity may help repair tattered ties on US trip

At the 2012 opening of Trump Towers in Istanbul, real estate mogul Donald Trump sang the praises of Tayyip Erdogan, telling a mostly Turkish audience that their leader, prime minister at the time, was "highly respected" around the world.

"He's a good man. He's just representing you very well," Trump said at the ceremony.

Turkish Authorities Found a Truck with 82 Migrants Traveling to Europe (VIDEO)

Authorities in Turkey have stopped a truck carrying 82 migrants traveling to Europe, according to the Euronews.

Police have released a video showing people getting off the trailer near the town of Ayvacik. 
According to the IHA news agency, the detainees were Afghans trying to reach Europe, hoping to travel to Europe by sea.

Greece, Israel and Cyprus – with or without others

Locked in a region marked by uncertainty and risky endeavors, and amid widespread concern sparked by Turkey's incursion into Syria, Greece, Cyprus and Israel are forging a web of stability. The project is designed to serve their own interests but at the same time serves those of Europe and the United States.