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Threat to hit Turkey in Libya underscores risk of escalation

Turkey warned on Thursday against any attacks on its interests in Libya by Khalifa Haftar's forces after his Libyan National Army (LNA) threatened to respond to recent military setbacks by striking Turkish positions in the country.

"In the event Turkish interests in Libya are targeted, this will have very grave consequences," said Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy.

Haftar forces to withdraw from fronts south of Tripoli

The spokesman for Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar's forces announced early on May 20 that as of midnight they would be withdrawing 2-3 kilometers (around 1.8 miles) from fronts south of Tripoli. 

Ahmed Al-Mismari said on social media they will be pulling back so people in the capital can celebrate the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday, which marks the end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan.

Libyan army retakes key airbase from warlord's forces

Libya's army on May 18 retook Al-Watiya airbase occupied by warlord Khalifa Haftar's militias, a key airbase now back under government control after some six years under putschist forces.

The victory was announced by the media office of the government-led Burkan Al-Ghadab (Volcano of Rage) Operation, citing Osama al-Juwaili, the commander of Operation Peace Storm.

Turkish furniture sector gears up for post-pandemic period

As Turkey has started to ease measures against the coronavirus, the country's furniture sector is getting prepared for the post-pandemic period by accelerating production activities.

After the spread of the COVID-19 virus across the globe, several sectors had to reduce or stop their businesses in many countries, including Turkey.

Bulgaria PM Rejects Fugitive Mogul’s ‘Insulting’ Gift

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on Wednesday declined to accept ownership of the Football Club Levski, which was offered to him in a sarcastic manner by the exiled Bulgarian tycoon Vasil Bojkov, who is hiding in the United Arab Emirates after numerous charges were pressed against him in early 2020.

Ankara slams EastMed declaration branding Turkish drilling ‘illegal’

A declaration signed on Monday by the foreign ministers of Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, France and the United Arab Emirates denouncing "ongoing Turkish illegal activities" in Cyprus' exclusive economic zone (EEZ) "is a case in point of the hypocrisy of a group of countries who are seeking regional chaos and instability," Turkey's Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hami Aksoy, said on Monday.

Five states call Turkey to order for illegal drilling in Eastern Mediterranean

The Foreign Affairs ministers of Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, France and the United Arab Emirates called on Turkey to «fully respect the sovereignty and sovereign rights of all states in their marine zones in the East Mediterranean,» during a teleconference on Monday.